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About Spingle

It is a brand born in a shoe and rubber factory ten years ago. The first part “Sping-“ is the combination of “spin” and “-ing”, representing a continuous process; and the word “gulu-gulu” is followed by the “move” of “movement” because we wish that our shoes business will flourish, like going upwards on the spiral staircase and eventually much loved by the customers. This is the Spingle brad concept.

“Bingo, Japan” underneath the logo represents the “bingo” region of Hiroshima Prefecture. It also signifies their wish that their shoes are comfortable enough that customers will say “bingo”!

Passion for Shoe Soles

Their shoe soles are made of natural rubber, they provide increased elasticity and grip. And they adopt the “Vulcanizing Process”: they heat the shoes in a kiln and then attach the sole under the heat and pressure. It takes so much effort and work so there are only three companies adopting the vulcanizing process. This offers a great fit and comfort for walking.

“Vulcanizing Process” is a method to attach the soles to shoes. The shoes are heated in a kiln where sulphur is added; the resulting heat and pressure allow the soles to be attached to the shoes. Invented more than 170 years ago by the American inventor Charles Goodyear in 1893, this is the very standard process of making sneakers. A distinctive feature of SPINGLE MOVE shoes is its unique design with the sole curved up near the toes. In addition to the nice designs, the firmly united sole and upper, and the resilient and functional form with durable sole are all achieved through the “Vulcanizing Process”.